microalgas más productivas en aceite para obtener biodiésel


The selection of a suitable species is an important aspect in order to ensure the efficiency of a process to obtain bio-energy from microalgae culture (Griffiths & Harrison 2009). The species of Chlorella genus are known as ideal candidates for this objective due to their high productivity when are cultivated on an industrial scale. The calorific value of this genus can reach 29 kJ/g, a value very close to the 39 kJ/g obtained from rapeseed oil. This fact shows the potential of this group of microalgae as a source of biodiesel (Illman et al., 2000). The composition of Chlorella includes proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and fibre in variable proportions, making its biomass a versatile raw material that can be used to obtain different types of energy, such as diesel, bioethanol, methane and hydrogen. However, numerous nutritional and environmental factors applied along the culture can radically alter the composition of the biomass and its energetic value.

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