microalgas más productivas en aceite para obtener biodiésel


ENERGREEN is a project aimed at readapting conventional micro-algae cultures to obtain microorganisms with higher productive potential – compared to the equivalent amount of oil – and suitable for producing bio-diesel in a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

The project addresses the current R&D needs for the use of micro-algae as a renewable energy source and will deal with all the production process stages – from cultivation to processing into biodiesel – including the exploitation of waste material obtained from oil extraction, as biogas.


  • The development of micro-algae farming strategies to obtain lipid-rich algae biomass.
  • The evaluation of alternative biodiesel extraction and processing systems.
  •  The research of the potential of CO2 bio-fixation by micro-algae from industrial gases with high CO2 content.
  •  The evaluation of micro-algae and related extraction waste used as raw material for the production of biogas, anaerobic digestion and as a potential source of molecules of interest for other sectors.
  •  The social, technical, financial and environmental assessment of the industrial implementation alternatives for this technology.